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Ji-Fi, case study - Forties Field, North Sea (2015)



Proof of concept application of Ji-Fi;
  • Produce facies models consistent with the wells & geology 
  • Predict hydrocarbon distribution at pre-production conditions 
  • Investigate potential infill locations

Echo, Forties Study Area

Seismic Data

  • Five angle stacks with ranges of 9°, 18°, 27°, 35° & 42° 
  • No pre-conditioning has been applied to the stacks 
  • Statistical, zero phase wavelets estimated from the substacks & used for well tie & inversion 
  • Horizons available for Sele, Forties, Lista & Maureen 

Well data

  • Approximately 30 wells
  • Modelled shear logs
  • Prior information was derived from the wells & well ties to be used in the inversion scheme


  • Ji-Fi facies & impedances are consistent with the well data
  • Most likely facies output directly by Ji-Fi:
    • Fine details extracted 
    • Better imaging of water leg 
    • Improved lateral continuity

Facies from Ji-Fi