Product Sheet
Product Sheet

RokDoc Reservoir Characterization

Find out more about our RokDoc Reservoir Characterization Module.

Combine 3D and 4D seismic data with powerful rock physics enabled geostatistical and data driven modeling workflows to determine the spatial and temporal rock and fluid distributions from exploration to production settings. Incorporate and validate multiple geocellular models from external sources to develop and optimize engineering models for production forecasting and simulation. Operate in time and depth simultaneously, and perform probabilistic descriptions of the subsurface using powerful post processing tools and workflows for the effective communication of risk.

Use our RokDoc Reservoir Characterization Module Addons for Interactive 1D seismic data conditioning, post/pre-stack inversion and reservoir property estimates in real time. Key features include; pre-stack trace conditioning (spectral balance, time alignment, scaling etc), colored inversion, post/pre-stack simultaneous inversion, multirealization analysis and ranking.

Sophisticated 3D based de-noising and pre-conditioning workflows for 3D and 4D seismic data. Key features include: seismic dip estimation, structure oriented filtering, multi-trace 3D/4D post/pre-stack time shift estimation, frequency slice filtering and dip steered AVO gradient stabilization.

Flagship Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion to estimate facies and elastic properties directly from post/pre-stack seismic data. Key features include: fast/flexible prior model construction, spatially varying wavelets, local/global modes, lateral constraints, rigorous well and 3D QC, MPI for cluster computing.

Integrate static and dynamic models with lab, core, well and seismic data to generate and update 4D petro-elastic models. Key features include: connectivity to Petrel*, combine multiple CPG’s across a model, seamless 4D data handling, sophisticated geostatistics and rock physics modeling.

RokDoc wrapper for the CSIRO Delivery petro-elastic stochastic inversion engine. Key features include: delivery inverter, invert near-far offset stacks to petrophysical properties N:G, PHIE, Thickness, Delivery analyzer for interrogation of output realizations and computation of statistics.

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