Product Sheet
Product Sheet

RokDoc Pressure Prediction

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Analyze direct and indirect (mudweights) pressure measurements to establish the subsurface pressure distribution and geological bases for the development of overpressure through geological time. Assess drilling data, image logs and lab data and perform dynamic and static measurement calibration to determine stress regimes and interpret historical drilling and production performance. Combine pore pressure and geomechanical models with 3D elastic properties to understand risk, forecast drilling, and optimize production performance.

Interpretation of image logs for borehole breakouts, sedimentology and fractures. Interactive geomechanical model building, analysis and scenario modeling. Key features include; surface picking and image log conditioning, static-dynamic property calibration, wellbore stability, stereonets and more.

Develop 3D models for prediction of subsurface pore pressures away from well control. Key features include; 3D model building, zone based overburden and normal compaction trends, seismic velocity calibration, stochastic pore pressure prediction, multi-realization analysis and well planning.

Use the RokDoc Pressure Prediction Addon to perform stochastic analysis of pore pressure models to assess prediction uncertainty PPC and optimize model parameters. Rank models in terms of uncertainty before applying to new well locations or 3D seismic. Key features include; 15 pressure models including Eaton, Bowers, Dutta, Tau, Miller, etc.

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