Product Sheet
Product Sheet

RokDoc Geoprediction Platform

Learn more about our RokDoc Geoprediction Platform.

Industry leading rock physics, 2D modeling and well to seismic tie solution delivering easy to use solutions for both generalist and expert quantitative interpretation practitioners. Seamlessly combine core, log and seismic data into predictive models that can be used to characterize the seismic response in both conventional and unconventional settings, reducing interpretation cycle times and enhancing the accuracy and robustness of subsurface interpretations. Rapid model construction and assessment delivers better than ever understanding of subsurface uncertainty.

Use our RokDoc Geoprediction Platform to combine 3D and 4D seismic data with powerful rock physics enabled geostatistical and data driven modeling workflows to determine the spatial and temporal rock and fluid distributions from exploration to production settings. Incorporate and validate multiple geocellular models from external sources to develop and optimize engineering models for production forecasting and simulation. Operate in time and depth simultaneously, and perform probabilistic descriptions of the subsurface using powerful post processing tools and workflows for the effective communication of risk.

Analyze direct and indirect (mudweights) pressure measurements to establish the subsurface pressure distribution and geological bases for the development of overpressure through geological time. Assess drilling data, image logs and lab data and perform dynamic and static measurement calibration to determine stress regimes and interpret historical drilling and production performance. Combine geopressure and geomechanical models with 3D elastic properties to understand risk and estimate and forecast drilling and production performance at undrilled leads and prospects across the drilling portfolio.

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