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July 30, 2020
An Introduction to Rock Physics in the Hydrocarbon Exploration Workflow

In this talk, we will discuss some introductory rock physics and how it can maximise the information extracted from seismic data, and how it can enhance hydrocarbon exploration.


July 30, 2020
Smarter decisions With Better Wavelets Using RokDoc WellTie and RokDoc Petrel Interconnector

This video discusses the use of the Petrel RokDoc Interconnector for estimating better wavelets and improving well to seismic ties.

Case Studies

July 16, 2020
Anadarko Case Study

Global large independent deploys iPoint to compile, clean and feed all core data into machine learning algorithms.


July 14, 2020
RokDoc for Development: Maximize the Value Gained from 4D Seismic

RokDoc for time-lapse seismic analyses, discussing various tools and workflows that can be used to maximise the value attained from the 4D seismic technique.


July 9, 2020
Challenges And Solutions In Carbonate

A Case Study From Southeast Asia Pinnacle Reef. How do we map and understand the spatial variability in our reservoir properties?


June 30, 2020
E&P Knowledge on Demand

Deliver maximum value from your investment in E&P data and accelerate your timelines by leveraging knowledge management tools to better utilize data assets.


June 24, 2020
Predicting the Response to Fracture Stimulation from Seismic

The successful exploitation of unconventional resource plays requires an understanding of the subsurface geology, natural fracture network and present day stress regime.


June 23, 2020
From Direct Pressure Data to 3D Pore Pressure Prediction

In this presentation we discuss the journey from Direct Pressure Data to 3D Pore Pressure Prediction from Seismic and the practical application in RokDoc.

White Paper

June 16, 2020
Exploiting Unconventional Resources

Reduce risk and enhance production through integrated subsurface understanding.

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