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Perform Quality Availability Controls

Perform Quality Availability Controls

Are your data loaded, ready, and verified to continue to the next workflow step? Do they lie on trend? Do they agree with physical models? Use RokDoc to prove you have what you need to proceed.

Well Data Conditioning

Acquisition is never perfect. Find and correct log data considering the impact of mud invasion, geometry, anisotropy, and tool resolution inconsistencies using the best rock physics modeling workflows. Compare available datasets with trending tools and render physical models to plan, execute, and verify corrections.

Well Data Conditioning
Seismic Data Conditioning

Seismic Data Conditioning

Assess quality and accuracy of geometric, spectral, and AVO properties. Even the best processed data often contain residual amplitude issues making them unready for quantitative interpretation. Utilize RokDoc’s seismic data conditioning workflows designed to quantify improvement with the support of rock physics and well log data.

Pore Pressure and Geomechanics Data Review

Provide a common starting point for cross-disciplinary workflows with RokDoc’s integrated data conditioning environment, ensuring datasets are consistent with rock physics principles. Image logs, drilling events, and pressure tests can be conditioned, interpreted, and visualized quickly and easily. Assess data reliability using drilling history and pressure view plots to review regional trends, identifying and understanding outliers in the field to further validate your data.

Visualization Tools

RokDoc provides intuitive, interconnected crossplotters, map, well, section, and 3D views to identify and isolate bad data for quick correction, with sophisticated and user-friendly editing capabilities.

RokDoc Modules

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