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About Us

Supporting the needs of our clients is our business
Global Knowledge, Local Expertise

Global Knowledge, Local Expertise

Ikon Science is a global provider of geopredictive and knowledge management software and service solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, production, and storage.  For more than 20 years, we have worked with energy multinationals and independents, applying our deep scientific expertise and technology innovation to extract actionable knowledge from sophisticated subsurface data.

The Tools and Solutions you need

Ikon Science aims to accelerate our customers’ understanding of the subsurface, by providing the tools, services and solutions they need to turn insights into action. We aim to empower customers to make the best possible decisions, fully informed and faster, using our technology and services to drive safe, sustainable and socially responsible energy growth for now and throughout the energy transition.

Ikon's Industry Lifecycle
Rock Physics Pioneers

Rock Physics Pioneers

Our pioneering approach to rock physics has led to unparalleled, multi-disciplinary integration between rock physics and geomechanics. Our industry-leading technical team is passionate about innovation and highly motivated to solve the challenges posed by an ever-changing energy landscape.

Accuracy and Accessibility

Our Subsurface Data expertise is unmatched, combined with our innovative approach, it has led to the development of our award-winning RokDoc and Curate software solutions. These platforms offer innovative, integrated workflows improving quality, accessibility and accuracy. Our solutions offer a clearer view of the subsurface, accelerating and improving decision-making, optimizing production and reducing cost.

Accuracy and Accessibility

Business and Environmental Sustainability

Ikon Science is committed to long-term business and environmental sustainability.  From our offices to the solutions we provide, our focus is to ensure that risks to the environment and to our customers’ economic viability are kept to a minimum.  Our Leadership team is drawn from across the industry, bringing experience and expertise resulting in an innovative leadership approach. Long-term growth is enabled by the investment of Great Hill Partners, a private equity firm specializing in high-growth companies, focusing on expediting innovation in data analytics, machine learning and product development.

Ikon's ESG

Partnership and Empowerment

We believe that partnership drives innovation, and we collaborate with leading companies including AWS, Accenture and Wipro as well as universities worldwide to provide the best possible outcomes for our customers. We partner with our clients to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and workflows in our software, and our wide range of expert services. Above all, we want you to enjoy the experience of working with Ikon – our friendly, knowledgeable team is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all our customers.

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