Technical Paper
Technical Paper

Leveraging Existing Databases for Advanced Analytics of the Future

Written by: Christopher Hanton, Ikon Science (formerly Perigon Data Solutions) and James Miller, Anadarko Petroleum

The increased abundance of computer power available to the oil and gas industry has moved Machine Learning based Advanced Analytics out of a niche R&D role and into mainstream modelling and predictions. These advancements have allowed for an increase in not only the possible workflows utilizing this data, but also the types and amount of data that can be processed.

The industry-wide push for this mode of data usage has created new challenges in managing the flow of data across an organization. Large amounts of data must be made available, but in a standardized and clean manner to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity from these models. Traditional linear flows of data within an organization present bottlenecks that become even more chronic when scaled to the levels of ‘big-data’.

By working closely with Perigon Data Solutions, Anadarko Petroleum have created an enterprise database for all data pertaining to core which is accessible across the entire organization for conventional workflows, and also feeds directly into these advanced analytic models.

Presented at: Petroleum Network Education Conference (PNEC), May 22nd-24th 2018, Houston, Texas

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