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Current Version

These are the current release versions. If you already have a username and password click on the All Resources tab to login and download. If you do not have a username or password please contact support@ikonscience.com.

  • The current version of RokDoc is 2021.1.0
  • The current version of the RokDoc Interconnector plug-in for Petrel* is 2021.1.0
  • The current version of RokDoc-WellTie is 2021.1.0
  • The current version of the Ikon Science plug-ins for Petrel is 2021.1.0
  • The current version of iPoint is 2021.1.0

RokDoc 2021.1.0 & all components of the RokDoc family of software are now available. This is a major increment release for RokDoc.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: mandatory upgrade to FlexNet FNP 11.16.2 required - please see Installation Instructions document for further details.

RokDoc Interconnector plug-in for Petrel*:

This release also includes an installer for Petrel* 2020.x, as well as Petrel* 2019.x & 2018.x. Note that a RokDoc-WellTie Interconnector is also available.

Ikon Science acquired Perigon Solutions in 2018, adding the wellbore data management solution, iPoint, to Ikon’s software portfolio. iPoint, iPointWeb and the new iPoint-Petrel* Connector installers are available from this page.

If you have any questions please contact support@ikonscience.com.

Supported Versions
Supported versions of RokDoc (and associated components) are:
  • 2021.1.0 (build 115), released on 14/12/20
  • 2020.4.0 (build 214), released on 28/09/20
  • 2020.3.0 (build 227), released on 08/06/20
  • 2020.2.0 (build 209), released on 16/03/20 [patched with 2020.2.1 build 216 on 06/04/20]
  • 2020.1.0 (build 202), released on 09/12/19 [patched with 2020.1.2 build 218 on 17/01/20]
Supported versions of iPoint are:
  • iPoint 2021.1, released on 14/12/20
  • iPoint 2020.4, released on 28/09/20
  • iPoint 2020.3, released on 08/06/20
  • iPoint 2020.2, released on 16/03/20 [patched with 2020.2.1 on 15/04/20]
  • iPoint 2020.1, released on 09/12/19
Supported third-party compatibility are:
  • Petrel* compatibility for Interconnector 2021.1.0: 2018.x, 2019.x & 2020.x
  • Petrel* compatibility for iPoint-Petrel Connector 2021.1: 2018.x, 2019.x & 2020.x
  • OpenSpirit compatibility for RokDoc 2021.1: 4.2.0
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