Product Sheet
Product Sheet

RokDoc Rock Physics

Find out more about the RokDoc Rock Physics Module by downloading our Product Sheet.

Industry leading rock physics, 2D modeling and well to seismic tie solution delivering easy to use solutions for both generalist and expert quantitative interpretation practitioners. Seamlessly combine core, log and seismic data into predictive models that can be used to characterize the seismic response in both conventional and unconventional settings, reducing interpretation cycle times and enhancing the accuracy and robustness of subsurface interpretations. Rapid model construction and assessment delivers better than ever understanding of subsurface uncertainty.

With our RokDoc Rock Physics Module Addons you can: Build 1D and 2D synthetic seismic models to explore the impact of anisotropy on the seismic response. Key features include; Thomsen parameter estimation, VTI/HTI and orthorhombic model building, anisotropy database, plane wave analysis and blocky modeling.

Multi-scenario, multi-2D synthetic seismic modeling package for rapid generation of hundreds of geologically plausible models. Key features include: multi-2D modeling and attribute sections, lithology and fluid substitution workflows, ray synthetics including Q and spherical divergence corrections.

Wavelet analysis and estimation functionality for improved handling of low frequencies in broadband, nodal and onshore seismic datasets. Key functionality includes: Roy White multi-taper method, Parametric constant phase and Bayesian multi-well multi-stack estimation with broadband priors.

Specialist analysis tools for offset, walkaway, walk-around and multi-component VSP datasets. Key functionality includes: common processing routines through to corridor stack, shear splitting / hodogram analysis and rose diagrams for fracture characterization.

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