Effective seismic reservoir characterization, a rock physics approach

April 1, 2020

This webinar from Ikon Science focuses on the practical use of powerful seismic reservoir characterization techniques to enhance our understanding of both subsurface architecture and petrophysical properties, within pragmatic time-frames.

What we cover:

How a holistic, rock physics driven approach allows for an enhanced understanding of reservoir geometry and plumbing, and ultimately provides the gateway to building better, more accurate property models of the subsurface.

A discussion of the inherent uncertainty that is associated with the process, and how we can understand these uncertainties and the associated risk.

Finally, we present the powerful, interactive tools and workflow provided by RokDoc that allow this seemingly complex task to be parameterized, tested, reviewed and completed quickly and easily. Be better informed about subsurface geometry and petrophysical properties, extract maximum information from seismic data and include it in geomodels, optimizing the reservoir delivery strategy.

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