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Solutions to your Subsurface Challenges

Accelerate decision-making and speed-to-production while managing budgets, enabling you to find the right balance between CAPEX, OPEX and internal headcount. Access the right expertise and skills, delivering critical projects, meeting strategic objectives and deadlines while alleviating resource challenges.

Ikon’s services span the breadth of the hydrocarbon lifecycle, including capture and storage solutions (CCUS & Hydrogen) to solve your subsurface challenges.

Integrated Subsurface Workflows

Integrated Subsurface Workflows

With more than 20 years of innovative research, development and industry experience, our Service Team delivers tailored solutions in the Rock Physics, Seismic Inversion, Reservoir Characterization, Pore Pressure Prediction, Geomechanics, and Data Solutions domains. We maximize value from client data and knowledge, demonstrate technical and operational excellence, and deliver on time and within budget.

Unique Solutions

Our Service Team constructs and executes subsurface investigation plans that recognize the complexity of each specific challenge, from data availability to technical feasibility, and ensures our clients understand the approach. Our broad experience in basins across the world has delivered more than 1300 successful projects to more than 400 clients across 118 countries.

Unique Solutions
From Data QC to Prediction

From Data QC to Prediction

From quality availability control, conditioning, modeling, prediction of subsurface properties and operational recommendations, our integrated teams take a careful approach, always striving to add value for our clients.  Ikon's phased project structure provides regular communication and check-ins as well as high-level, detailed workflow summaries to demonstrate the ongoing progress of every project.

Solutions Backed By World Class Support

Ikon’s service solutions are backed by our global network of experts, able to connect the right technical skills and experience from around the globe with our client’s challenges and a second-to-none global customer success team who are on hand to support all your ongoing needs.

Services Solutions

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