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Rock Property Modeling

Rock Property Modeling

Quickly build a powerful rock physics framework for your assets and prospects. Understand the link between the petrophysical properties and the observed seismic AVO response. Explore important subtleties such as the effect of anisotropy on seismic response with theoretical and empirical model support. Build rock physics trends for the integrated Ji-Fi workflow.

Seismic Modeling

Gain insight into what drives the seismic responses observed between wells. Use RokDoc’s algorithms to find and validate the best possible seismic wavelet given well and seismic data availability. Investigate the impact of geometry and lateral variation of rock properties on AVO and model seismic amplitudes while considering tuning and mobile fluid contacts. Directly compare actual seismic with 1D to 4D synthetic models.

Seismic Modeling
Pore Pressure and Geomechanical Modeling

Pore Pressure and Geomechanical Modeling

RokDoc helps improve safety in drilling operations through integrating well log, laboratory, and seismic data to provide estimates of pore pressure, stress, and borehole stability, to quantify risk. Capture statistical and geological uncertainty as you develop 1D to 4D models for prediction of pore pressure and geomechanical behavior away from well control.

Data-Driven Approach

Find success in step-out environments using previously captured knowledge and regional trends. Automate model classification and calibration with the cutting-edge Rock Physics Machine Learning (RPML) engine. RokDoc allows you to train and deploy machine learning models at the wells and in 3D, using state-of-the-art algorithms, to transform your understanding and improve efficiencies.

Uncertainty Analysis

Automate and evaluate geological ‘what-if’ scenarios quickly and easily with RokDoc to understand the probability of success. Understand lateral and vertical changes and trends with variography workflows. Add statistical variability to datasets to represent realistic noise and ensure scenarios are sound.

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