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Our Commitment to Sustainability

For nearly 20 years, Ikon Science has provided scientific expertise combined with technologies and workflows that support the sustainable geoscience movement.

This enables our customers to improve their performance by enhancing operational efficiency, lowering finding and producing costs and improving productivity, all of which contribute to lowering their impact on the environment and optimizing the use of resources. With Ikon’s solutions, customers can confidentially assess potential sites for CO2 storage, track the injected CO2 plume and manage data for geothermal applications making sure they are making the best possible decisions, fulfilling their environmental and social governance obligations.

Carbon Capture and Storage

As part of ensuring effective CO2 injection, containment and storage, we need to understand the effect of the injection process, where to place injection wells, the migration of the CO2 plume and seal integrity, as well as developing effective monitoring workflows.

To do this we must:
– Characterize the physical and mechanical properties, chemistry and structure of the subsurface to determine the feasibility of various subsurface storage locations.
– Develop and design effective and cost-efficient monitoring techniques for the subsurface.
– Understand the ability of fluids to flow in the subsurface.

RokDoc provides the tools to meet these challenges.

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4D seismic difference for the Sleipner CO2 project

Modeling and Tracking Plume Development

RokDoc allows the modeling of the impact of CO2 injection over time on the seismic response. This allows geoscientists to understand if the CO2 injected at a given site can be monitored between the wells using 4D seismic and the definition of the most effective 4D seismic program.

RokDoc also allows the user to define links between flow simulation and observed 4D seismic responses. This can be used to improve the simulator history match by investigating the differences between expected plume distribution and actual plume distribution – where the CO2 is accumulating, how that changes over time and ultimately, the stability of the plume.

In this webinar, we show the use of our RokDoc software for monitoring CO2 injection.

Pressure, Stress and Seal Integrity

The consideration of pore pressure is key when understanding subsurface CO2 containment and storage mechanisms. This includes the physical phase of the CO2, the sealing capacity and fracture limit, whether the system is open or closed, and the identification of discrete pressure compartments.

When considering cap-rock and fault-seal integrity, thermal stresses induce fracture instability, and cooling brings the stress state closer to failure conditions. We need to understand both the current day stress state and the likely impact of injecting CO2 at the storage location.

Ikon Science provide a range of technologies, workflows, and services for understanding pore pressure regimes and investigating cap-rock and fault-seal integrity and has frequently published technical papers on this topic.

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Assessing seal capacities based on pore pressure gradients. (Swarbrick, R.E., Jenkins, S.J., Scott, D.S. and Riddle, G., 2013, The role of pressure in carbon capture and storage (CCS), in Gluyas, Jon, and Simon Mathias, eds. Geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2): Geoscience, technologies, environmental aspects and legal frameworks. Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy: Number 54, p. 97-109.)

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For geothermal projects, Ikon Science provide tools and services for the identification of basins and prospects with likely geothermal resource potential. This work involves understanding where overpressure is expected, the permeabilities of the reservoir formations, the methane saturation of the formation brine and the formation temperature.

Furthermore, Ikon Science provides tools for accessing, standardizing, visualizing and managing geothermal datasets including images, geology, logs and a variety of other data sources, provided in conjunction with our partnership with Seequent Limited.

A vast amount of data is acquired during these projects at great expense and using it appropriately can be the key to the success of geothermal projects. Our iPoint software allows the consolidation and management of all wellbore geothermal data, so you can have the confidence that your data is available in a single environment, with rigorous standardization and audit trails, regardless of its origin.

Ensuring that the right data is available at the right time maximizes the value of geothermal projects.

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