Solving Subsurface Challenges for a Sustainable Energy Future

Ikon Science addresses customer challenges through innovative software solutions, services and studies, from exploration and production in oil and gas to over-field planning, geothermal and CCUS. Whatever your role in the Energy lifecycle, our software and services will help you optimize cost effective and safe operations, resolving even your most challenging scenarios with our streamlined workflows and rigorous scientific approaches.

Knowledge Management

Unleash the power of your subsurface data

Our Curate knowledge management platform and Data Solutions team can help connect all your subsurface data. Give your teams the knowledge they need to accelerate decision-making. Connect key data sources, including historically siloed or forgotten project knowledge and third-party data and tools. Designed by subsurface experts, Curate delivers an intuitive interface and apps that enable business leaders and geoscientists to quickly make the best decisions.


Better input for better output

Have the confidence that your data is loaded, ready, and verified to apply your workflows. Check your data is laying on trend and matches your physical models. Ensure you have what you need to proceed with confidence in your projects with peace of mind in RokDoc.


Not everyone loves a surprise…

Quickly build a powerful rock physics framework for your assets and prospects. Understand the link between the petrophysical properties and the observed seismic AVO response. Explore important subtleties such as the effect of anisotropy on seismic response with theoretical and empirical model support. Build rock physics trends for the integrated Ji-Fi workflow.


Teamwork makes the dream work…

Use the right tool for the right task. Access a portfolio of seismic inversion functions designed to solve specific problems with specific input requirements. Use machine learning and geostatistical tools to deeply integrate disciplines and solve complex multi-variate challenges.

Real-Time Pore Pressure Monitoring

Save time and reduce risk

Accelerate critical decisions for safe, cost-effective, and efficient well-campaign delivery by accessing your trusted data while sharing real-time insight across your team. Curate’s Well Surveillance application provides a collaborative monitoring workflow for Well operations and engineering, connecting geoscientists, drillers and engineers.


Our Software

Our software has been developed with the end-user in mind – helping customers to gain a clearer understanding of the subsurface. The integrated tools and workflows in RokDoc enable customers to condition, model and predict rock properties and behavior, while our Curate technology is designed to manage all data assets and results related to the subsurface, maximizing the value from historical and third-party database assets.


Our Services

Our multi-disciplinary teams provide the expertise and resources to help our clients to solve their most difficult subsurface challenges. Whether it’s constrained bandwidth or the requirement for cross-discipline expertise, our team of geoscientists develops custom workflows and derives independent scientifically evidenced solutions that focus on precision and accuracy to support the best decisions for our clients. We support clients across traditional and transitioning energy environments and can partner with you to optimize your outcomes.


Our People

With offices located around the world, we serve the energy industry in all major geographies – delivering global solutions with local service and support. Our team of world-renowned experts in data, geophysics, rock physics, pore pressure and geomechanics ensure our solutions deliver superior outcomes.

About Us


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June 03, 2024
Ikon Science Announces Curate 2024.3: AI-Driven Insights, Enhanced Data Distribution, and Co-Visualization Capabilities

Surbiton, London – June 3, 2024 – Ikon Science proudly announces the release of Curate 2024.3, our latest software version offering AI-driven insights, flexible data distribution, and advanced co-visualization features, designed to optimize subsurface data...


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