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Gain better understanding of the subsurface by building data-validated geological models to help you make the best decisions to maximize your exploration success, production outputs, reservoir performance, and fluid sequestration efficiency.

Ikon brings more than 20 years of Rock Physics expertise with many of the world’s super-majors, NOCs and independents as well as our multidisciplinary experience in pore pressure and geomechanics to our client’s projects. Our bespoke, proven workflows deliver some of the most accurate outcomes in the industry, backed by our world-leading geopredictive software.



The initial phase of our projects involve gathering, analyzing and establishing a framework for the interpretation of geologically meaningful information from well and seismic data. Data may be damaged, missing, or not yet in optimal condition for use as input into quantitative workflows. Our diagnostic plots highlight, assess, and track improvements as data are refined.


Variations of rock and fluid properties are explored to understand how changes in mineralogy, porosity, pore-filling fluids, net-to-gross, TOC, and other properties affect the seismic response. Guidelines for seismic horizon and amplitude interpretation are generated to guide multi-disciplinary workflows, while full 3D property model or 4D sim-to-seis comparisons are generated to demonstrate the understanding or accuracy of complex reservoir models, or support design plans for future data acquisition.



Our service team strives to tackle non-unique seismic problems and predict properties with a sense of confidence and deep understanding of uncertainties. We provide value by embracing the project objectives, understanding the data, maximizing precision by utilizing the most appropriate technology, and delivering results on time and within budget.

Innovative Approaches

Our services team is constantly testing new and innovative technology, improving standardized workflows to meet client and market needs in exploration, appraisal, development, end-of-field life and field repurposing.

More than Standard Workflows

Ikon's Other Service Solutions

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