A predictive framework has been defined that relates geological processes to seismic AVO response away from well control, in the Flemish Pass and Orphan Basins and offshore Labrador.

The framework provides a link between geological properties and processes, and the elastic response of the rocks encountered in these basins. A balanced approach is taken using both empirical trends and analytical rock physics models to ensure that the behavior of each facies is captured in the most appropriate manner.

The facies dependent predictions made by the framework are used to develop synthetic AVO models for different scenarios, which can then be compared to seismic AVO anomalies identified within the basins.

For illustrative purposes, the framework is deployed to investigate a seismic amplitude anomaly within a rotated fault block.

GeoConvention 2017 presentation details
Session: Canada Frontier Basins 2
Date:Tuesday 16th
MayTime: 1:25-4:15pm
Location: Glen 201-202

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