Pressure prediction is challenging in the Niger Delta, as evidenced by the number of kicks taken, which is a sign of under-balanced drilling. Incorrect pore pressure prediction can lead to wrong choice of well design and hazards during drilling operations. From a current study of 42 wells from the Shallow Offshore Shelf of the Niger Delta we present the techniques used to interpret pressures in the Koronama-3 well.

The techniques presented included using velocity vs. density plots to determine overpressure mechanisms, using high quality seismic velocity data to interpret shale pressures and a model based on rates of sedimentation to establish theoretical limits with which to constrain the seismic-based interpretation.

What emerges is a multi-strand approach to pressure prediction, using independent data types to provide a more realistic pressure model.

*Shell Petroleum Development Company **Ikon Geopressure *** Sonar/Tusk, Lagos