Since the first well was drilled in the Barents Sea in 1980, discoveries have been made proving that a viable petroleum system exists. Subsequently, one producing field (Snohvit) and oil accumulations such as Goliat (to start production in 2013), Nucula and Obesum further demonstrate the potential of the region as an emerging petroleum province. Recently, discoveries have occurred in the Bjørnøyrenna Basin (7220/8-1) and further north on the Bjarmeland Platform (7225/3-1). However, the system is still not fully understood since there are dry holes, some with shows, and from our experience there is a strong possibility of seal breach (or hydraulic top-seal failure) in the past. These results are a consequence of the complicated geological and pressure history of the Barents Sea that includes several periods of exhumation and erosion, causing re-distribution of hydrocarbons within the basin.