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Ikon’s regional studies enable E&P companies to rapidly and confidently move ahead with new ventures, exploration and appraisal activities. Our multi-client studies offer consistent reference databases which have had Ikon’s gold standard petrophysical, rock physics and geopressure workflows applied.

Localized, Consistent Studies

Ikon’s studies focus on regional consistency, which ensures end-user scenarios are being captured. With Ikon’s predefined, calibrated and interactive rock physics models, our studies are a cost effective, reliable approach to help your team make more informed local decisions.

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Cost Effective Subscription Access

Ikon provides access to our regional studies via a multiclient subscription model. This ensures you always have updated information, minimizing costs and reducing administrative burdens. In some cases, studies are free to access as they have been fully funded by governments to promote exploration activity.

Interact Easily on New Web Platform

Ikon’s studies are available on our web platform giving you a single source of interactive, reliable data to explore your own ideas. You don’t have to be an expert.

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