H. Morris, B. Hardy E. Efthymiou and T. Kearney highlight the steps used to take us from a petrophysics to reservoir model introducing methods to improve the data quality via seismic data conditioning and highlighting some of the benefits of using a sequential Gaussian inversion more conventional deconvolution style inversion methods.

The offshore field for this study is in northwest Sumatra operated by Salamander Energy where so far four wells have successfully tested for gas and condensate from the Belumai dolomitic sandstone. A second prospect was drilled into a separate structure to the west of the main field structure and tested water.

Rock Physics and forward modelling allows the geoscientist to understand the data and thus condition it appropriately and then predict into the 3D realm with confidence.  Ikon is focused on bring together models and real data to represent the real subsurface quantitatively and here is a nice example.