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When can seismic data be used to predict subsurface stress

Induced seismicity, casing deformation, fracture stimulation design and well planning all require an understanding of the in situ stress state. Stress models are typically built in 1D along well profiles where sufficient data is available. However, this only provides accurate i... Read More.


Density from Seismic Inversion

A pre-stack simultaneous inversion in the Cooper-Eromanga Basin has produced very good predictions for all elastic properties: acoustic impedance (AI), shear impedance (SI) and density (Rho). The predicted relative elastic properties show very high correlations (>80%) with wel... Read More.


Seismic inversion of a carbonate buildup: A case study

The information within seismic data is band limited and angle limited. Together with the particular physics and geology of carbonate rocks, this imposes limitations on how accurately we can predict the presence of hydrocarbons in carbonates, map the top carbonate, and characteriz... Read More.