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Well tie for broadband seismic data

The seismic industry is increasingly acquiring broadband data in order to reap the benefits of extra low- and high-frequency contents. At the low end, as the sharp low-cut decay gets closer to zero frequency, it becomes harder for a well tie to estimate the low-frequency response... Read More.


One 4D Geomechanical Model and its Many Applications

We present a case study of model building, calibration and application of a 4D geomechanical flow model. Model building uses seismic inversion volumes to constrain a geological facies model, followed by upscaling to a reservoir simulation model and history matching. Similarly a 3... Read More.


Wavelet Estimation for Broadband Seismic Data

The volumes of broadband seismic data acquired and processed by the industry have grown rapidly. There is also an increasing emphasis on the benefits of broadband seismic for quantitative interpretation. The bottleneck for achieving a satisfactory quantitative interpretation and ... Read More.


Oilfield Technology - 'The Importance of Facies'

In the related papers tab below it is possible to access another great publication showcasing Ji-Fi's ability to show the rock type and properties at depths below the sea or land.  In May 2016's Oilfield Technology, Michel Kemper explains how incorporating facies within the ... Read More.