North Sea Central Graben Pressure Study Phase 2


Phase 2 of this study was completed in 2011, and it enhances the North Sea Central Graben Pressure Study Phase 1 by integrating full 3D seismic coverage to supply:

  • Better definition of pressure compartments
  • Evidence for fluid escape in and around breached traps
  • Structural definition relative to well position and the location of seal failure

The maps in this study are based on data released up to 2009, and include:

  • An effective stress map to show areas of potential seal breach
  • New definition of Jurassic/Triassic pressure compartments

Phase 2 is a complementary study and does not replicate the five case studies of Phase 1.


  • Partners
  • Partners
  • Integration of well and seismic data for strengthened confidence in the resulting model
  • Improved knowledge of sub-Chalk compartments and pressures
  • Predictive algorithms for fracture gradients and overburden for the entire basin
  • Improved definition of seal breach risk
  • Maps from Phase 1 updated with an additional 300 E&A wells provided by IHS
  • Integration of seismic data supplied by PGS in the form of a comprehensive overpressure compartment map for Jurassic and Triassic intervals
  • A risking strategy for seal breach (hydraulic top-seal failure) using structural crestal depths derived from seismic data Effective stress maps at Base Chalk and Base Cretaceous and an assessment of seal breach in undrilled areas
  • Discussion of vertical fluid flow and leakage above traps/faults
  • A reassessment of stratigraphic position for pressure data in the Palaeocene

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