West of Shetland Pressure Study


A fresh regional pressure study, integrating data from 223 wells, including an updated assessment of exhumation in the region.

All of the available data relating to subsurface pressure have been used to generate a series of reservoir overpressure distribution maps.

As part of the study, apatite fission track data, together with vitrinite reflectance and sonic velocity analysis, have been incorporated into a new assessment of exhumation and palaeo pressure in the region.

Study completed in 2011.


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This new report incorporates fresh data, which were not available for previous studies, so it will:

  • Provide the knowledge that you need in order to reduce risks, and put you in greater control of costs
  • Provide the essential metrics to enable you to anticipate drilling hazards, plan drilling operations and make permit applications
  • Increase the likelihood of finding and drilling successful prospects
  • Help you to understand the significance of fault seal, fluid flow and pressure evolution in the region
  • Reliable and professional interpretation from the industry specialists gives you the understanding you need to be able to negotiate the risks and uncertainties of well-planning and drilling operations, and to make key decisions with greater confidence
  • Overpressure maps for the following reservoir horizons: post-Palaeocene, Palaeocene, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, Carboniferous, Devonian and pre-Devonian crystalline basement. They include data from over 280 Palaeocene wells.
  • Multi-well plots for all sub basins for both pore and fracture pressures
  • Algorithms for overburden, fracture gradient, normal compaction trends in shales and regional aquifer gradients
  • Analysis of present-day and palaeo-pressures inked to burial, uplift/exhumation and fluid volume change
  • Recognition of laterally-drained reservoirs and regional fluid flow
  • A structure map of the West of Shetland Basin

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