Central North Sea Salinity Database


– EXA salinity catalogue based on analysis of water gradients in the UK, Norwegian and Danish North Sea, for stratigraphic horizons from Eocene to Permian.  A valuable resource for petrophysicists and others for calculating Rw in all main hydrocarbon reservoirs.

The database comprises the most extensive set of salinity data for Central North Sea ever published.


  • Partners
  • A new and expanded source of Formation Water Salinity for hydrocarbon saturation analysis for the Central North Sea
  • Comparison with other, more limited publicly available sources

The database is invaluable for:

  • Calculation of water resistivity (Rw) for hydrocarbon saturation analysis
  • Aiding the understanding of vertical and lateral fluid flow
  • Understanding the role of overpressure in generating conduits to migration by fracturing
  • A high quality set of salinities derived from subsurface water gradients for 223 wells in the UK, Norwegian and Danish North
  • Sea Salinity Data organised by stratigraphic horizon from Eocene to Permian. North Sea Salinity Study Map
  • Information available as Excel spreadsheet and on CD – includes the input data from which the salinity values were derived
  • Well established water gradients based on RFT, MDT-type direct pressure measurements have been used to reveal water salinities, after corrected for subsurface pressure & temperature
  • The salinities compare favourably with published Rw and salinity values from several key publications.

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