North Sea Viking Graben Pressure Study


This study is an interpretation of overpressure in the North Sea Viking Graben, in terms of its distribution and subsequent implications for hydrocarbon trapping and future exploration.

This regional pressure study combines Ikon’s extensive experience of overpressures in the North Sea and elsewhere with IHS’s comprehensive high quality pressure database to examine the distribution and impact of overpressure on the North Sea Viking Graben petroleum system.


  • Partners
  • Reduced drilling risk because of improved definition of overburden and fracture gradients in the region
  • Enhanced exploration and development through a better understanding of the controls on pressure compartments and lateral drainage, and improved knowledge of the effects of overpressure distribution on trap integrity and hydrodynamics
  • Digital database of pressure interpretations based on the IHS pressure database for 1362 wells in the North Sea Viking Graben
  • Regional overpressure distribution maps at all main stratigraphic horizons: Post Palaeocene, Palaeocene, Cretaceous, Late Jurassic, Middle Jurassic, Early Jurassic, Triassic & Pre-Triassic
  • Single- and Multi-Well Pressure–Depth plots for formation pressures and Leak Off/Limit Test data to illustrate findings
  • Six case studies which emphasize interpretation of pressure data relevant to hydrocarbon E&P
  • An approach for predicting pressure in deep undrilled compartments
  • Maps and plots illustrating the overpressures by geographical area and stratigraphic age, as well as a series of illustrated case studies dealing with topics such as Seal integrity and breached traps; Determination of fracture gradients; Lithostatic gradients; Lateral drainage; Reservoir quality

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