19th October 2016 – Ikon Science announced today that RokDoc Ji-Fi software has won the Institute of Physics (IOP) Award for Technology for 2016.

The award ceremony took place last night in the Houses of Parliament, London, UK. Ikon’s Non-executive Chairman, Peter Dolan received the award on behalf of the company – “We take pride in Ikon Science being a flag-bearer for the petroleum geoscience industry amongst this prestigious physics community”.

RokDoc Ji-Fi is a software system that generates high fidelity 3D quantitative geological and fluid images from seismic data volumes, using rock physics and a sophisticated mathematical analysis. It has been developed in collaboration with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation and with Tullow Oil, who also provided well and seismic data to apply independent ground truth testing methods. Angus McCoss, Tullow Oil’s Exploration Director said “We are delighted to see our targeted investment in Ikon’s latest leading-edge technology paying back so quickly”. RokDoc Ji-Fi recently received credit from the former president of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and Chief Geophysicist of Murphy Oil & Exploration, who said “Ji-Fi sets the new standard in inversion of seismic data within Murphy; there is no scientific argument not to take up this exciting capability.”

Martyn Millwood Hargrave, CEO of Ikon Science, said “I’ve been in this business 38 years, and RokDoc Ji-Fi is as close to the holy grail of understanding the subsurface from seismic as I’ve ever seen. It is proving to be the solution the industry has been looking for in these hard times to obtain low cost and reliable prediction of reservoirs and fluids in exploration development and production. It is an honour that this technology, the result of so much investment, high science and dedicated team collaboration, has been recognised by the IOP”.

The event was also attended by Ikon’s Senior software developer Shaun Ball, Angus McCoss, Exploration Director Tullow Oil, with guests Andrea Millwood Hargrave, Malcolm Brown, President of the Geological Society of London, Glen Cayley VP Exploration Excellence & Global Chief Explorer, Shell, and Dr Tania Mathias, MP for Twickenham.