October 3, 2017

RokDoc 6.5.0 has been released. It will be showcased at the SEG 2017 and global regional events

RokDoc 6.5.0 sees even better usability and user experience for Ikon’s RokDoc community than ever before. The developers, under the leadership of CTO Denis Saususs have focused on significant leaps forward for well data loading, easy manipulation and viewing of log data and attributes.  Work has also continued on converting RokDoc functions to the new UI, with emphasis on streamlining workflows and reducing button clicks.  A significant effort has also been put in to addressing known defects and implementing user requested enhancements.

RokDoc Platform.

The four main areas of focus for RokDoc 6.5.0 has been

  1. Usability and user experience
  2. Enriching existing functionality
  3. Algorithm optimisation and performance enhancements
  4. Stability

NEW in The Rock Physics Module. Unconventional Rock Physics and Attrimod Multi-2D Modelling

In collaboration with Lev Vernik, an array of new unconventional modelling capabilities have been introduced to the Rock Physics Module (20 new RPM’s).  These models can be calibrated to log and core data in unconventional resource plays and used to model and predict (anisotropic) seismic behaviours for various geological scenarios.  This release we also introduce Attrimod, the new multi-2D modelling environment.

  • New unconventional rock physics models based on Vernik’s book ‘Seismic Petrophysics in Quantitative Interpretation’
  • New ‘Hornby’ effective medium modelling workflow
  • Attrimod – multi-2D modelling and attribute analysis – New License Feature

NEW in The Reservoir Characterisation Module. Usability and User Experience and the Evolution of Ji-Fi

Several improvements have been implemented and further modifications are underway to RokDoc 3D’s data tree.  Programmer tool allows use of horizons and can be edited and incorporated into the property model.

  • Property model building improvements to data selectors and gap handling
  • New discrete property interpolation options
  • Shared facies colour scale for log data in RokDoc 3D
  • Significant performance improvement for interpolation of sparse datasets (i.e. velocity)
  • Improved well data selectors for 2D section views6.4.3*
  • Horizons integrated into 3D quantity programmer tool6.4.3*
  • AVO analysis function
  • New Ji-Fi user interface design6.4.3*
  • Introduction of MPI framework for Ji-Fi (including batch packages and cloud computing) 6.4.3*
  • New Ji-Fi IQP multi-realisation mode
  • Multi-realiation ranking and analysis tools for Ji-Fi multi-realisation outputs
  • New export 3D dialog and workflow

NEW in The GeoPressure Module.  An additional tool – as requested

A new feature to translate pressure data from one well location to another – ”The Pressure Translation Tool”

  • Define input well and target well
  • Determine translation method e.g. mudline adjusted depth and specify hydrostatic pressure trend
  • Output new pressure data to target well

The External Interface. 

The RokDoc External Interface allows end users to customise the RokDoc software with published and proprietary algorithms and workflows and to combine them with the existing functionality of the software thus facilitating the problem solving process.   With enhancements to RokDoc’s abilities with Python* there is a world of new possibilities with the RokDoc External Interface.

Request a copy of the release notes for more details and check back for more details on these latest tools in the website soon!  We will also run a series of webinars in the near future.

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