March 11, 2024

Ikon Science Unveils Curate 2024.2 – Enhanced Subsurface Data Access & Visualization 

SURBITON, LONDON – March 11th, 2024 – Ikon Science today announces the release of Curate 2024.2, marking a significant advancement in the way users handle and visualize subsurface data. This latest release focuses on further increasing knowledge awareness, accessibility and understanding for upstream energy companies seeking to increase their understanding of the subsurface. 

A cornerstone of this release is our enhanced and re-engineered integration with the industry data platform, OSDU. As a result of recent upgrades, the tool now interacts fully with the OSDU Wellbore DDMS, enabling detailed querying and visualization of data by users, through the intuitive web-based Curate applications. In addition, the tool now supports co-visualization of data from both OSDU and the embedded Curate database. This allows users to visually integrate wellbore data types regardless of whether the OSDU DDMS currently supports them, driving adoption and value of the OSDU platform for business units. 

The Curate AI Chat feature, first launched in 2024.1, has undergone further refinement with improvements in relevancy of returned results in addition to user controls to increase the accessibility of key insights that were previously locked away in unstructured data formats. And more progress is on the way, with a promising roadmap poised to elevate user experiences to new heights with innovative features geared towards further enhancing data access, understanding, and usability.  

Several new features and enhancements have been added to the platform to enhance user interaction and insight from diverse subsurface data types. Curate’s Data Matrix now supports personalized data organization and advanced filtering, simplifying well data discovery. Advanced visualization capabilities have also been improved with the introduction of secondary y-axis displays in the cross-plot tool of the Well Viewer. This allows for simultaneous visualization of multiple datasets on a single cross-plot, significantly boosting analytical capabilities.  

To better utilize screen real estate and make workflow more intuitive, recent upgrades across Curate’s user interfaces have also been implemented to improve user experience and performance. Optimizations in the Seismic Viewer enhance user-friendliness, visual appeal, and accessibility. This latest release also enables users to experience faster platform loading times and seamless integration of new custom properties without requiring restarts, further enhancing performance and usability. 

The launch of Curate 2024.2 represents Ikon’s dedication to delivering software solutions that are not only powerful and flexible but also intuitively designed to empower users in their data analysis pursuits. This latest release offers enhanced speed, control, and integration that cater to the sophisticated needs of Curate’s growing userbase. 

About Ikon Science 

With over two decades of leadership in the field, Ikon Science is a leading global provider of geoprediction and knowledge management solutions, aimed at enhancing subsurface exploration. Known for our deep scientific insight and cutting-edge technology, we enable our clients to gain more valuable insights from complex and varied subsurface data. Ikon Science is at the forefront of digital transformation in data management, helping clients to make informed decisions faster, with greater precision, and at reduced costs. Learn more about Curate at 

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