June 3, 2024

Ikon Science Announces Curate 2024.3: AI-Driven Insights, Enhanced Data Distribution, and Co-Visualization Capabilities

Surbiton, London – June 3, 2024 – Ikon Science proudly announces the release of Curate 2024.3, our latest software version offering AI-driven insights, flexible data distribution, and advanced co-visualization features, designed to optimize subsurface data understanding. 

 Curate 2024.3 brings significant upgrades across various functionalities to enhance insight sharing, workflow efficiency, and data analysis capabilities. The updated Collaborative Workspace now includes the innovative ‘AI Inform’ feature, which automatically generates detailed project summaries from the Project Items tabs, providing users with immediate, actionable insights to understand their projects and plan next steps in data utilization. Expanded data export options now include individual curve exports as well as multi-curve export with customized methods of file generation per well. This release also features a new system-wide default for depth units to simplify user interactions and data handling. In addition, newly enhanced document management capabilities allow users to customize document views, making data organization more efficient. 

The Data Explorer app has been redesigned with a user-centric UI and enhanced functionality, streamlining data integration and visualization tasks. New features such as a secondary y-axis for multi-curve plotting and interval filtering on cross-plots allow for precise and in-depth analysis of diverse data types, providing immediate understanding of data and inherent relationships in zones of interest. With added support for multi-value properties, the application efficiently handles complex datasets. The streamlined UI enables quick adjustments and offers a consistent, intuitive experience, simplifying how users navigate and customize data analysis workflows. 

The Curate ‘AI Inform’ portfolio now includes two powerful interval analysis tools, enhancing insights in the Well Viewer and Well Correlation applications. This tool streamlines the generation of detailed interval reports, offering critical insights into lithology, porosity, fluid content, log anomalies, interval thickness, drilling history, and lithological analyses. These features simplify and accelerate data analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the data. 

The Well Viewer app also now supports full co-visualization of OSDU data, enabling seamless integration and visualization of diverse data types streamed directly from OSDU alongside data within the Curate database. This enhancement, along with expanded TIFF file support in File-links, significantly improves data accessibility and workflow efficiency. 

Curate’s Well Surveillance application has also received updates that improve the performance of streamed WITSML time-based data, ensuring more robust real-time data delivery. Support for time-based data has been broadened, with new functionalities added to the Admin Tool to simplify data loading and management. These enhancements strengthen the app’s ability to support routine real-time monitoring workflows, crucial for tracking well conditions and facilitating informed operational decisions. 

The Curate 2024.3 update is designed to deliver a seamless, efficient, and customizable user experience. It includes advanced AI capabilities that enable users to create insightful summaries for deeper analysis, greatly enhancing data exploration and management. 

For more information, a software demo, or any questions, please reach out to our Ikon Science Customer Success Team at support@ikonscience.com. 

To delve deeper into the remarkable features and benefits of this release, we invite you to explore further at www.ikonscience.com/curate/ 

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