April 16, 2024

Ikon Science Enhances Geoscience Education with Generous Donation to the University of Leeds

LONDON, UK – Ikon Science, a leader in geopredictive and knowledge management solutions for the subsurface discovery sector, has generously donated 30 RokDoc software licenses to the University of Leeds School of Earth and Environment.  With an industry value of at least $10 million annually, this major contribution supports the MSc Exploration Geophysics program, specifically a component that enables students to discriminate fluids in energy storage reservoirs.

The initiative spearheaded by Ikon Science underscores its commitment to nurturing future geoscience professionals and highlights the importance of practical, hands-on learning in academic settings. The RokDoc licenses will serve a critical role in the School’s curriculum, offering essential tools that enable students to simultaneously utilize the software during the intensive Semester 2 schedule while also facilitating crucial research projects over the summer. 

“We are thrilled to support the University of Leeds in equipping the next generation of geoscientists with the tools for success,” said Gabriela D’Aubeterre, Vice President of Customer Success. “Integrating real-world applications into the learning environment is paramount. Partnerships like this one with academic institutions are instrumental in ensuring students gain authentic experience that will anchor their future contributions to the industry, especially in the context of geoscience’s key role in achieving net-zero goals.”

Leeds’ Dr. Adam Booth, program leader of MSc Exploration Geophysics, said “We’re deeply grateful to Ikon Science for providing their leading industry software in support of student learning. The opportunity to embed real-world technologies into our syllabus is valuable indeed, and gives our students a technical boost as they develop a geoscience career.” 

For more than two decades, Ikon Science has been instrumental in delivering cutting-edge technological solutions and services, crafted by a technical team enthusiastic about innovation and driven to address the evolving landscape of energy resources. The donation to the University of Leeds further cements Ikon Science’s position as not just a provider of industry-leading software, but as a pillar of the global geoscientific educational community.

“Our pledge to nurture talent and enhance education through practical experience reflects our vision for a sustainable and responsible energy future,” stated the Ikon Science spokesperson. “These tools are not just about understanding the subsurface; they’re about empowering decision-making that upholds environmental and economic sustainability.”

Ikon Science is firmly planted at the forefront of innovation in subsurface data analysis, emphasizing accuracy, accessibility, and environmental responsibility in all facets of operation. True to its core values, Ikon Science continues to champion the symbiotic relationship between technology and education, recognizing the impact of educational partnerships in fostering an empowered, innovative, and sustainable future for the energy sector.


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