March 11, 2024

RokDoc 2024.2 Introduces Enhanced Visualization and Calculation Functionality

SURBITON, LONDON – March 11th, 2024 – Ikon Science, a leading global provider of geoprediction and open subsurface knowledge management software and services, today announced the release of RokDoc 2024.2. Known as the industry standard in geoprediction tools, RokDoc 2024.2 introduces workflow and useability enhancements to streamline project execution and documentation. 

In this latest release, emphasis was placed on enhancing visualization capabilities to provide users with a more intuitive, insightful and efficient experience. With an overhauled project color scale library and management function, users can now enjoy a new level of customization and clarity in their data interpretation. The introduction of user-defined zoom levels in RokDoc map and seismic section viewers ensures precise control over visualization, facilitating easier navigation and repeatability in screen captures. Additionally, enhancements to attribute map creation and integration in 3D workflows empower users with more efficient data visualization tools. Improvements in the Deep QI analysis and prediction ML tools enable users to refine, understand, and document new datasets at an accelerated pace with outlier identification and log coverage QCs, saving valuable time in the data assessment phase. These improvements enhance the platform’s aesthetics and play a crucial role in improving user understanding and decision-making processes.  

The updated interfaces in RokDoc 2024.2 are tailored to streamline workflows, ensuring users can accomplish tasks more efficiently than ever before. With modernized RPM editing dialogues, well planning, and data writing tools, users benefit from enhanced usability and functionality, ultimately leading to faster project execution. Overall, the software improvements have enabled certain calculation speeds to increase by 200% in 3D/4D models, and huge productivity boosts through all project phases. These updates represent our commitment to delivering a user-centric experience that prioritizes efficiency and productivity.   

“RokDoc 2024.2 represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best-in-class geoscience software,” said Alan Mur, Product Manager for RokDoc. “We are confident that these enhancements will not only improve your workflow efficiency but also unlock new possibilities for exploration and production success.”   

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