December 11, 2023

Ikon Science Unveils Curate 2024.1 – Revolutionizing Enterprise-Level Data Access with Innovative Generative AI Chatbot

SURBITON, LONDON – December 11th, 2023 – Ikon Science today proudly announces the release of Curate 2024.1, a game-changing upgrade to the Curate Platform. This release represents a significant leap forward in subsurface data management, featuring the pioneering Curate AI Chatbot, driven by cutting-edge generative AI technology. The latest release of Curate simplifies data access with intuitive, natural language interactions, enabling effortless searches across structured and unstructured data. Additionally, key applications like Well Viewer, Well Correlation, Mapping, and Contouring have undergone a comprehensive redesign, delivering an enhanced user experience, streamlined workflows, and facilitating improved collaboration in subsurface data management.

Significant enhancements have been made to the Collaborative Workspace, offering the ability to extract valuable data from specific intervals during export of data. This feature proves invaluable for analyzing core data in crucial formations. Additionally, the refined well details panel in the map view simplifies well comparison, aiding in quick yet comprehensive analysis. In the Project Items tabs new loading indicators offer real-time performance feedback, while customizable column orders and visibility enhance navigation. Project navigation has been made more intuitive with “Expand All” and “Collapse All” options, and the Well details panel now offers richer project information. Document retrieval is streamlined with a tree structure and search feature. Moreover, system administrators can now configure the use of Curve Alias Name as a filter, ensuring efficient yet meaningful data refinement.

Data Explorer introduces refinements to interval filtering, offering executives more relevant well searches based on Well and Data level information properties. This redesigned feature simplifies the interface and significantly enhances data management efficiency.

The curve alias feature, now more accessible for data visualization and access, ensures a user-friendly experience. Data Managers in the Well Viewer can effortlessly set or change curve quality status, guaranteeing data reliability for all collaborators. The application redesigned tabbed interface optimizes screen space, allowing for a more focused and efficient working environment. Further improvements in the Well Viewer application focus on enhancing data selection and session management. Curves are now highlighted in the data picker, ensuring better visibility, and executives can easily filter to display only selected curves. Additionally, a prompt to save the session when changing wells helps prevent data loss.

Significant improvements have been made in collaboration and session management within the Well Surveillance application. The introduction of an Edit permission in the updated permission system prevents overlapping changes by concurrent users. Enhanced Auto Save and session management features further streamline collaboration and simplify session handling for multiple users.

Curate 2024.1 is designed to elevate data management across the energy sector. With the introduction of Generative AI and a powerful chatbot, along with numerous enhancements aimed at streamlining data management and improving collaboration, Ikon Science empowers all users to make more informed decisions efficiently.

At Ikon Science, continuous improvement and innovation remains our driving force. We proudly announce this release of Curate, which stands as a testament to our dedication to raising the bar and providing exceptional value to our ever-expanding user community.

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