October 10, 2018

RokDoc 6.6.0 is to be released at SEG 2018

RokDoc 6.6.0 is to be released at SEG 2018 providing Improved Onshore Data Handling and Delivering Powerful New Workflows to Extend Field Life and Maximise Value of Large Datasets through Improved Knowledge Management and Machine Learning.

10th October 2018 – London – Ikon Science announce that RokDoc 6.6.0 is to be released during the SEG 2018 including the launch of a new RokDoc 4D Reservoir Monitoring product. This release demonstrates Ikon’s continuing focus on enabling E&P companies to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and maximise ROI.

RokDoc Reservoir Monitoring offers significant new functionality. RokDoc now supports corner point grid data, allowing the integration of static (geomodel) and dynamic (flow simulation) property models into 3D/4D shared earth models that can be utilised for 4D time lapse feasibility and ‘close the loop’ workflows.  Using this comprehensive new toolset, asset teams can work collaboratively to update geomodel and simulation data with information from 4D seismic and other sources.

David H. Johnston, PhD, PG, an expert in the field of reservoir characterisation and time-lapse seismic, commented ‘’Establishing the rock physics link between the geological and engineering properties of a reservoir and its seismic properties is essential to 4D interpretation. Ikon Science’s RokDoc provides the tools necessary to estimate the reservoir’s elastic properties and determine how they depend on the rock properties, stress, temperature, and fluid saturation.  Simulation-to-seismic modelling, now integrated within RokDoc, increases the odds that 4D data will positively impact business decisions resulting in increased reserves, recovery, and production rates’’.

Ikon Science is developing new offerings in the field of Corporate Knowledge Management. Ikon’s machine learning approach to quantitative interpretation involves the capture, aggregation and management of rock property information in a corporate knowledge management system so that it is then possible to identify, extract and deliver high-quality data for training of ML algorithms.  ML algorithms can then be rapidly deployed across assets delivering novel solutions to subsurface E&P and drilling challenges.

RokDoc 6.6.0 see’s numerous usability and workflow improvements for the handling of large well datasets, with the addition of new multi-well selection capabilities across the software.  In response to customer feedback, RokDoc 6.6 now supports the loading, manipulation and conversion of gather datasets with irregular offsets, common in land-based projects.

End users can now move seamlessly from well-based rock physics, pressure and geomechanical analysis of conventional and unconventional reservoirs through to data-driven, 3D seismic reservoir characterisation, delivering 3D analytical geomechanical, petrophysical and elastic property models in a single, unified platform.

Kester Waters, Global Portfolio Manager – Reservoir commented ‘’with numerous oil and gas basins across the globe entering into a new era of late stage production and decommissioning, it is more important than ever that technology keeps pace and enables economic tail end production to be realised and vital infrastructure to be preserved.  In order to achieve this goal, we need to handle larger, more complex, multi-vintage datasets and apply algorithms that are capable of delivering more information both spatially and temporally and at a higher resolution.  This new software release is delivering solutions that help our clients to do that’’.

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