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Ikon Science offers this e-learning platform so that no matter where you are in the world you can hone your skills and become certified RokDoc users. This e-learning platform provides you with the Ikon Science tried and tested courses on a delivery and learning schedule that suits your needs.

For existing RokDoc users, two e-learning courses are available right now 1. RokDoc Rock Physics (our e-learning equivalent of the onsite RokDoc 1D2D Introduction course) and 2. RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation (the online equivalent of RokDoc 3D Reservoir Characterisation). 


These courses will cost $750 for three months access but for as an introductory offer Ikon Science is offering FREE access for existing license holders on M&S. 

We are offering a maximum of five users (per client site) to sign up to each of these e-learning courses. Valid until June 30th 2019. To redeem this offer, request access to e-learning using the green box below and write FREE TRIAL in the comments box to avoid being invoiced.

Simply request access below and we will get you started.

Once on-boarded via our administrator, you will have use of the course, material and data for 3 months. Extensions are available and more courses will become available throughout 2019 and beyond. When the introductory offer is over, the course will cost $750 for 3 months access, per course. 

A taster of the RokDoc Rock Physics course

The RokDoc Rock Physics e-learning course is intended for new and intermediate users who require an introduction to RokDoc, and the rock physics theories behind the software. 

Delegates will follow a series of high quality videos to be guided through a typical RokDoc workflow, comprising of data loading and QC, predicting missing data with calibrated rock physics models, blocky modelling, log-based rock physics analysis and 2D forward modelling. This course also covers Gassmann dry rock modelling, elastic log analysis, cross-plotting and well ties. Further analysis is then performed in RokDoc 2D to determine the effects of seismic tuning, fluid substitutions, porosity perturbation and noise. 

A taster of the RokDoc course, for free! Watch and learn how to do Fluid Substitution and if you like what you see, contact us for more.

A taster of the RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation course

The RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation e-learning course is aimed at intermediate RokDoc users who require an introduction to Rock Physics Model Templates and RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation.  

This e-learning video-based course takes students through a series of workflows to illustrate the predictive power of rock physics models, before progressing onto RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation to learn about modelling lithologies and fluids, manipulating seismic inversion volumes, creating elastic and geological property volumes and exporting to SEG-Y.

A lesson from the RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation e-learning course.

e-learning FAQs

Some of the questions frequently asked about e-learning

  1. Does the rock physics e-learning course come with training data?
  2. Why are the lessons locked and can I unlock them?