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Ikon Science e-learning is free for active RokDoc licence holders and those evaluating RokDoc.

Our e-learning program allows you to hone your skills and become a certified RokDoc user wherever you are in the world. It provides you with access to Ikon Science tried and tested e-courses, so you can learn RokDoc at a time and speed that works for you! 

Pick from these 5 e-courses

The RokDoc Rock Physics e-course is intended for new and intermediate users who require an introduction to RokDoc, and the rock physics theories behind the software.

Delegates will follow a series of high quality videos to be guided through a typical RokDoc workflow, comprising of data loading and QC, predicting missing data with calibrated rock physics models, blocky modelling, log-based rock physics analysis and 2D forward modelling. This e-course also covers Gassmann dry rock modelling, elastic log analysis, cross-plotting and well ties. Further analysis is then performed in RokDoc 2D to determine the effects of seismic tuning, fluid substitutions, porosity perturbation and noise.

RokDoc licence required: Rock Physics

The RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation e-learning course is aimed at intermediate RokDoc users who require an introduction to Rock Physics Model Templates and RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation.  

This e-learning video-based course takes students through a series of workflows to illustrate the predictive power of rock physics models, before progressing onto RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation to learn about modelling lithologies and fluids, manipulating seismic inversion volumes, creating elastic and geological property volumes and exporting to SEG-Y.

RokDoc licence required: Reservoir Characterisation

This e-course is for inversion specialists and covers the functionality accessed from the Seismic Inversion add-on of the RokDoc Reservoir Characterisation base module (SDC & Inversion add-on). It focuses on the estimation of seismic wavelets, conditioning partial angle stack seismic data, and inverting the data to impedance volumes.

Beginning with an introduction to the fundamentals of inversion theory, the e-course progresses through a series of practical workflows, with the ultimate aim of generating robust inversion products for reservoir characterisation studies. While concentrating on simultaneous inversion, alternative techniques are explored later on, where we investigate extended elastic impedance and coloured inversion.

It is recommended you have completed either the onsite RokDoc 1D2D Introduction course, or the RokDoc Rock Physics e-course, before doing this e-course.

RokDoc licence required: Seismic Inversion (you may know this as the ‘SDC & Inversion add-on’)

The anisotropy e-learning course focuses on predicting, correcting and exploiting the effects of layering and fracturing on the elastic properties of rocks.

The course begins with an overview of the theory and its applications in rock physics workflows, followed by several exercises, covering blocky modelling, well log and 2D applications, and Thomsen Parameter estimation from multiple wells.

This e-course covers the functionality accessed from the Anisotropy add-on for the RokDoc Rock Physics base module.

RokDoc licence required: Anisotropy

The VSP e-course focuses on VSP processing and interpretation, the derivation of Thomsen parameters, and fracture analysis. The workflows include a corridor stack, multi-component walk-away VSP analysis, and the identification and interpretation of shear-wave splitting in a fractured interval.

This e-course covers the functionality accessed from the VSP add-on for the RokDoc Rock Physics base module.

RokDoc licence required: VSP

Ikon Science does not provide RokDoc licences as part of the e-learning package. Users are expected to have access to RokDoc to follow e-learning - the licences needed for each e-course are stated above. Also, please review our general T&Cs below for more info.

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Once on-boarded, you will have the free use of the e-course/s, material, data and other Ikon Science videos for 60 days (or if you are evaluating the software, the length of your software evaluation). 

After the free period (unless otherwise agreed), your access to e-learning will end. You will not automatically be enrolled onto paid access after this date, your account will just be deactivated. If you would like e-learning access after your free period, this may be charged at $500 for another 60 days. 

*You need to have an Ikon Science e-learning log on to access e-learning via this link.

e-learning FAQs

Some of the questions frequently asked about e-learning

  1. Do the e-learning courses come with training data?
  2. Why are the lessons locked and can I unlock them?

e-learning access

To make sure you get the most out of our e-learning offering, read more about e-learning access .

More details and information

  • When approved, an individual user gets free e-learning access for 60 days (date starting from when the Ikon Science e-learning welcome email is sent), or lasting the length of the software evaluation period. 
  • As standard, a maximum of five users (per client site) can be active on the Ikon Science e-learning platform at any one time.
  • Only clients with active RokDoc licences, or those evaluating RokDoc are eligible for e-learning (as RokDoc is needed for Ikon Science e-learning).
  • The user can sign up to multiple e-courses, but needs to have access to the necessary RokDoc licences applicable to these e-course/s (see below).  
  • If access is requested to one or more e-courses, but each such e-course is not completed within the 60 day period, free access will not be provided again within the same calendar year. As such, we recommend users only apply for e-course/s they feel confident on completing within the agreed period. Reapplying at later date for free access to other e-courses is permitted, but as standard free access will not be given to repeat an e-course.
  • We do not provide RokDoc licences as part of the e-learning package - users are expected to have access to RokDoc to follow e-learning.
  • Applying via the online booking form constitutes a request to access e-learning and is subject to Ikon Science's acceptance of such request by email confirmation of registration. Ikon Science may withhold its acceptance at its absolute discretion and e-learning places are subject to availability.

*You need to have e-learning log on details before accessing Ikon Science e-learning via this link.

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