RokDoc Ji-Fi – Best in Class Facies-Based Seismic Inversion

RokDoc Ji-Fi (Joint Impedance & Facies Inversion) is Ikon Science’s most innovative inversion technology.

The RokDoc Ji-Fi e-course is intended for advanced RokDoc 3D users, so it is highly recommended that the RokDoc Rock Physics e-course is completed first. Also, e-learners will greatly benefit from having completed the RokDoc Reservoir Characterization e-course as well.

This e-course takes students through a detailed workflow; starting from the generation of facies logs, through to running the inversion and QC of the results, so students fully cover all its extensive capabilities. As well as learning how to drive the software, all relevant underlying principles are discussed, and results reviewed.

To complete this e-course, students will require access to RokDoc 2020.1 or later, and to the following RokDoc software: Platform, Reservoir Characterization Module and RokDoc Ji-Fi Add-On.

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