December 12, 2022

Ikon Science’s Latest Release of Curate Brings Simplicity, Speed, and Scale for Knowledge Access and Distribution

SURBITON, LONDON — December 12 ,2022 – Ikon Science, a leading global provider of geoprediction and open subsurface knowledge management software and services, today announced the latest innovations in Curate, a cloud-native subsurface knowledge management solution.

This release focuses on enhancing collaboration in data on an enterprise scale, encouraging the integration of workflows within and across disciplines. A fundamental Curate workflow helps to create projects which highlight pertinent data for a given workflow, allowing the data and knowledge to be shared between a variety of invested stakeholders. These new enhancements allow for structured collaboration, maintaining the roles of session editors as well as viewers.

Improved collaboration is now possible in the Well Surveillance application with the introduction of the Discussions chat. This real-time chat function allows the live exchange of ideas across teams as drilling operations progress, ensuring that decision making is streamlined based on both data and shared knowledge.

“Collaboration is a great driving force that can help businesses develop more efficiently and increase productivity. Being able to exchange ideas effectively while drilling a well across multidisciplinary teams can only lead to well delivery improvements.  Centralizing discussions by being able to annotate on live depth- and time-based data provides a critical pathway to share knowledge,” said Dr. Alexander Edwards, Product Manager at Ikon Science.

Another significant enhancement was added to Curate’s Well Viewer app which features the implementation of file-linked, depth referenced images. Depth referenced images can now be dragged, viewed, and navigated within a single log-to-core data view. Being able to make better use of exhaustive core datasets, cuttings photos and/or quantitative mineralogical assessment images (SEM) provides geoscientists with a more sophisticated understanding of key measurements and the rock properties that drive their observed response.

Improvements have also been made to the cross-plot and histograms in the Data Explorer application providing data statistics and new display options. These additions support geoscientists who wish to interrogate data further while contextualising and communicating uncertainties that are critical within all workflows.

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