September 26, 2022

Ikon Science Releases the Latest Version of Curate

SURBITON, LONDON — September 26, 2022 – Ikon Science, a leading global provider of geoprediction and open subsurface knowledge management software and services, today announced the latest innovations in Curate, a cloud-native subsurface knowledge management solution.

The latest release of Curate continues to lead innovation to enable subsurface teams to collaborate and communicate insights faster than ever before through data-driven workflows.

Key improvements include:

  • Collaborative workspace for aggregating, searching, and sharing of knowledge
    • Handling of large well datasets – implementation of well clustering of top-hole locations to visualize large (100’s of wells) well locations
    • Easily navigate data within a project – exposure of data set properties within a project allows users to navigate and understand what datasets are useful for the next stage of interrogation
    • Improvements to data export – Quickly export both the well list and LAS data directly from the web browser
    • Document preview – Native HTML pdf preview allows pdf documents to be previewed without the requirement of being downloaded
  • Data Explorer for data interrogation
    • Interval and marker searching of well data – deep searching of data now includes the ability to search based on a depth or specific marker interval for quick access to data availability, quality, and value
  • Well Surveillance for WITSML streaming and real-time monitoring
    • Accurate pore pressure prediction – addition of creating multiple normal compactions trends for accurate pore pressure prediction
    • Improvements to real-time well data presentation – creating and sharing well views that easily communicate critical value prior and during operations by implanting log filtering and log editing to remove, for example, bad hole data.
    • Improvements to real-time well events – addition of annotations to both depth and time displays for improvements in sharing critical well knowledge during well operations
    • Automatic mud log interpretations – Streaming of mud loggers log interpretation directly into Curate allows advanced lithology interpretations to be communicated effectively without the need for third party transfer of data.

“Getting continuous customer feedback and working with top leaders in this industry allows us to focus and refine our product roadmap for Curate based on priorities. With this latest release, our users will experience vast improvements around searching, accessing and visualisation of data and sharing of knowledge across the Curate Solution as we seek to drive best-in-class user experiences” said Dr. Alexander Edwards, Product Manager at Ikon Science.

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