May 13, 2020

Get the Most Out of Your RokDoc Software with E-learning

During these uncertain times, when normal work schedules have gone out the window, do you wish you had the flexibility to brush up and expand your RokDoc expertise? As social distancing measures shutter traditional workplaces, now is the time to take advantage of Ikon’s e-learning program, which allows you to do just that; improve your RokDoc skills, while at the same time, helping to ensure your company gains maximum value from their RokDoc investment. As long as you are an active RokDoc license holder or in the evaluation process, there is no cost to you.

According to SHIFT Learning, e-learning increases learning retention rates by between 25% and 60%, so now is a great time to embark upon Ikon’s flexible, on-demand RokDoc training program. You can learn over an extended period, repeating lessons as you see fit, and upon e-course completion, you will receive a certificate.

So just grab your laptop and sign up to our online portal to start your RokDoc e-learning journey. We have several e-courses, based on Ikon’s current classroom offerings, all designed to help you unlock the power of RokDoc.

RokDoc Rock Physics e-course – Get introduced to RokDoc, by following typical RokDoc workflows and grasp the fundamental rock physics theories behind the software.

RokDoc Reservoir Characterization e-course – Fast and powerful Reservoir Characterization including the construction of an interactive 3D property model, forward modeling of seismic responses, AVO analysis, and estimation of facies and petrophysical properties from elastic impedances.

RokDoc SDC & Inversion e-course – A course for the inversion specialist, which focuses on the estimation of seismic wavelets, conditioning of partial angle stack seismic data, and inverting the data to impedance volumes.

RokDoc Anisotropy e-course – Learn about predicting, correcting, and exploiting the effects of layering and fracturing on the elastic properties of rocks.

RokDoc VSP e-course – Focuses on VSP processing and interpretation, the derivation of Thomsen parameters, and fracture analysis. Workflows include a corridor stack, multi-component walk-away VSP analysis, and the identification and interpretation of shear-wave splitting in a fractured interval.

See detailed e-course descriptions and video lesson snippets and get signed up today!

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