Fracture Prediction

The Ikon Science workflow is based on the generation of a geological model. The method utilises different algorithms and techniques chosen to suit the data and the geological environment. Factors such as the geological history, rate of sedimentation, lithology and structure will be combined with offset well data to create an understanding of geopressure which in turn will be combined with our knowledge of the mechanisms of pressure generation. The general principals described apply to all of the work and are the basis on which a well plan is derived. Additional constraints can also be placed on the pore pressure model based on the possible scenarios permitted by the geomechanical model.

Fracture gradient is determined using one of two approaches or a combination thereof based on the available data.  Leak-off test data is compiled to produce a fracture pressure algorithm including stress/coupling term (if sufficient data available) and then blind test on series of wells throughout the areas of interest. We also use published relationships to produce a range of uncertainty in the fracture strength. Further constraint can be placed on fracture gradient where the appropriate data to create a geomechanical model is available based on the poro-elastic strain equations (as described previously). 

Pore pressure, fracture pressure & casing design