Geological characterisation from seismic

Exploration, appraisal and development are driven by the ability to understand and predict reservoir properties across a field. The ability to spatially map the variations in lithology, mineralogy, porosity and saturation is key. These properties can be accurately measured at well locations. However, well data are invariably limited in their spatial distribution. By comparison, seismic datasets provide a measurement that is spatially sampled across the field. The seismic reflection amplitudes contain useful information that can be translated into reservoir properties through the science of rock physics. Seismic reservoir characterisation is the discipline of exploiting seismic data to spatially map variations in the reservoir properties.

At Ikon Science, we believe that seismic reservoir characterisation is grounded in rock physics. Rock physics underpins our workflows and software. Well data are used to develop a link between the desired reservoir properties and the measured seismic response. This link can then be used to forward model, predict, QC and invert the seismic data. Our desire to see rock physics truly integrated into the seismic reservoir characterisation workflow has led to the development of our latest seismic inversion technology, Ji-Fi.

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