Seismic QC - What data do you have available for your exploration project, how can we make it better?

At Ikon Science we can assess the feasibility of your data and reassess your exploration project. 

  • What data are available? 
  • Are the data fit for purpose? 
  • What kind of conditioning could be applied to the data to improve it? 

No matter what data you have, there are always options.  .  

Advanced seismic data procesing

In a Joint Venture with PetroTrace, Ikon Science can offer seismic data processing workflows using a new High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. This adds a wide array of pre-stack velocity modeling and processing capabilities required to condition seismic data for optimal performance in advanced Quantitative Interpretation workflows, including the latest geological inversion and Bayesian facies classification technologies.

We can now offer you Full-Azimuth angle domain decomposition and analysis (using Paradigm’ EarthStudy 360 ) for asset-targeted seismic imaging . Additionally we now offer a new technology focusing on separation and enhancement of high resolution diffraction energy and combining it with anisotropy for unique imaging and analysis within complex, fractured reservoirs. This represents the future and the  ideal next step to getting enhanced  prediction from existing producing fields. We are interested in finding suitable partners for pilot projects to test this new technology, so get in touch to find out more.

By integrating the processing and QI workflows, the quality of the seismic processing is tested and improved by rock physics, and the intermediate deliverables can be optimised for QI throughout the seismic processing sequence. This allows customers to get the most from their data for projects involving advanced technologies such as Ikon Science’s new, highly successful Ji-Fi joint impedance and facies inversion.

One example of the value of this is the ability to constantly monitor improvements in well-tie and wavelet. This allows processing steps such as de-phasing and Q correction to be optimised to deliver zero phase, amplitude calibrated and optimum bandwidth seismic volumes for QI.

Original (a) and conditioned (b) gathers after state-of-the-art multiple attenuation. Images courtesy of PetroTrace