Rock physics for exploration

Using rock physics we can create a model for each subsurface lithofacies, describing its petrophysical and elastic behaviour through a set of empirical, heuristic and theoretical relations. Calibration of rock physics relationships is based on local well logs, often complemented with regional or global data where local calibration is missing.

Once a model is established it can be used to predict missing or low quality well logs, model seismic reflectivity, calibrate rock physics based seismic inversion such as Ikon’s Ji-Fi inversion and predict petrophysical properties from seismic impedances.

Another important aspect of rock physics is fluid replacement which will assess the effect of different fluid fill, such as brine, oil, and gas on the seismic expression.   

Rock physics is an essential tool in exploration.  

Rock physics provides the quantitative link between the elastic rock properties that affect seismic response and the geological properties that we are trying to predict. (Hamlyn 2016)