Image Log Analysis (ILA)

Image logs provide detailed information about borehole conditions, and can be interpreted to understand faults and fractures, net-to-gross, depositional environment and sequence stratigraphy, and the stress conditions around the wellbore.

Image logs can validate other measurements and provide a closer look at pore structures and rock fabric for enhancing rock physics modelling. The Ikon Science GeoMechanics team has experience interpreting image logs in various geological settings around the world and provides fully customised, consistent deliverables so that our customers can fully utilise all of their data.

The deliverables that you will receive from an image log analysis project with Ikon Science will include; a full interpretive report with data and image qc, standard large format plots customised to your needs, a checklist audit trail, surfaces and zones exported in digital format and a well card.

Examples of our Image Log Analysis deliverables are available on request

Ikon Science is your best partner for Image Log Analysis

When choosing your next partner for image log analysis, please consider 

  1. Ikon Science is service company independent. 
  2. Ikon Science's proprietary software, RokDoc, is used for processing and interpretation of image logs. 
  3. Ikon's image log analysis team can process and interpret image logs from all the major image log providers. 
  4. Ikon Science image log analysis work is focused on data qc and interpretation qc. 
  5. Ikon Science image log analysis teams are geared for high volume, quality and quick turnaround projects. 
  6. We can custom deliver formats based on our clients image log needs. 


A lot of things can go wrong from acquisition through data storage and transfers, to processing and visualisation. Checks must be performed at each step and you must create a robust audit trail for future users. With Ikon Science you can trust the results.

Ikon's Image Log Analysis Services

Image Log Processing

  • Acoustic & Resistivity image log data
  • Wireline & Logging while drilling (LWD)
  • Can use any service company brands

Structural Interpretation

  • Fault and fracture characterisation
  • Discriminating drilling induced/enhanced fractures vs natural fractures
  • Structural sections utilising SCAT (scanned curvature analysis tool) analysis
  • Seismic and core integration


  • Shales, coals
  • Structural permeability

Stress Interpretation

  • Borehole breakout
  • Drilling induced tensile fractures

Sedimentological Interpretation

  • Net-to-gross (e.g. thinly laminated beds)
  • Image facies and facies associations
  • Palaeocurrent indicators
  • Depositional environment
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Core integration

Porosity Analysis

  • Carbonates