1D geomechanics model calibration

1D geomechanical modelling forms the backbone for many different types of analysis, from compaction studies to wellbore stability and completion design and optimal fracture intersection across unconventionals, conventionals, CO2 storage and water disposal.  These geomechanical models depend on an accurate understanding of the pore pressure distribution, in situ stresses and rock mechanical properties.

Ikon Science is well placed with expertise in rock physics, geopressure, 1D and 3D geomechanics.  Elastic logs, which are critical to a geomechanical model, need to be properly conditioned and synthetic versions of any required missing logs need to be created.  In addition, geopressure and wellbore stability analyses add additional information to a high quality geomechanical model.

1D Geomechancial modelling in RokDoc - Vs predicted using rock physics models - Dynamic logs calibrated to static measurements after fluid substitution - Poisson's ratio QC'd in cross-plots -Overburden and pore pressure from geopressure analysis -Output horizontal stresses used to calculate fracture susceptibility.