Real-time pore pressure monitoring while drilling (PPwD)

Rig costs can be prohibitive and any Non Productive Time (or “NPT”) can therefore be very expensive. Various published data suggests that 41% of NPT is due to issues regarding unexpected pore pressure and wellbore stability problems; other data from sub-salt Gulf of Mexico wells suggests 31% of NPT is due to wellbore stability, part of which is related to encountering anomalous pore pressure.

There are several ways to interpret these data – the pre-drill model may be inaccurate hence the need a Best Practice approach to pressure prediction. Alternatively, the geology being drilled may be substantially different to that expected – in this case monitoring in real-time is critical to mitigate the risk of a well control incident.

The advantages of working with Ikon Science for Pore Pressure whilst Drilling (PPwD)

Ikon Science Real-time centers in Durham and Houston serve a growing customer base. These centers operate 24/7/365 in support of customer drilling activity, providing critical pore (and fracture) pressure risk mitigation.

The advantages of using Ikon’s real time service are;

  • Independent of the large service companies
  • 24/7 Support for wellsite-based part of service
  • Ikon Science has access to pre-drill experts in the same office
  • Focussed specialist team on a critical part of the operation
  • Experienced personnel using advanced software
  • Integrated workflow: RokDoc–TERRA–WBS–Basin Modelling
  • Well documented best practices from years of experience
  • All relevant data used -> best prognosis/estimates
  • Proactive planning plus problem avoidance