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Solutions to Improve Decision-Making

Maximize efficiencies, control costs and enable data innovation through our E&P software solutions.

Ikon Science provides a complete portfolio to improve decision-making for Energy Companies.

We have dedicated over 20 years developing innovative subsurface software solutions, services and studies to help our global clients make smarter decisions by extracting better insights from complex subsurface data.

RokDoc Geopredictive Software Platform

RokDoc is the result of more than 20 years of innovative research and industry experience. RokDoc offers a seamless interface incorporating everything from data quality control to modeling and prediction, integrating multidisciplinary workflows for Quantitative Interpretation, Pore Pressure, and Geomechanics.

Curate Subsurface Knowledge Management Platform

Curate knowledge management platform can connect all your subsurface data. Give your teams the knowledge they need to accelerate decision-making. Connect key data sources, including historically siloed or forgotten project knowledge and third-party data and tools. Designed by subsurface experts, Curate delivers an intuitive interface and apps that enable business leaders and geoscientists to quickly make the best decisions.


Our multi-disciplinary teams provide services that help our clients to work more efficiently and sustainably. Whether you are working in oil and gas or in the evolving energy environment, we can partner with you to optimize operations in real-time, making the most of your assets.

Regional Studies

Ikon’s regional studies enable E&P companies to rapidly and confidently move ahead with new ventures, exploration and appraisal activities. Our multi-client studies offer consistent reference databases which have had Ikon’s gold standard petrophysical, rock physics and geopressure workflows applied.

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