RokDoc SDC and Inversion

The RokDoc SDC (Seismic Data Conditioning) module brings together a number of functions to optimise post- or partial-stacks prior to inversion. 

This lets users build a customised workflow, producing gathers after each step in the workflow. Users can also measure each gather’s attributes, rapidly generate maps and view gathers at well positions, which makes QC-ing easy and accurate. 

Gathers can be realised as SEG-Y files at any stage or used in inversion modules as recipes to keep the workflow moving along quickly.

Are you looking to perform cutting-edge seismic data conditioning, inversion and reservoir characterisation, but are time constrained? Don’t let your software hold you back! RokDoc's Reservoir Characterisation module provides powerful, award winning technology in a flexible, multidisciplinary, recipe-based space. Take QI to the next level, check out the video to find out more.

Industry Challenges

Quantitative interpretation takes too long
  • Long cycle times in quantitative interpretation and de-risking may not align with decision timeframes
  • Time wasted and errors made moving data between software packages
  • Existing workflows and solutions spread across multi-platforms and applications
Portfolio risking and ranking is inconsistent
  • Inversion products are subjective, biased or invalid
  • Existing tool kits severely limited to segments of the exploration to development cycle
  • Feasibility of methods and accuracy of predictions must be well understood and documented to prove value
Decisions must be made with poor or incomplete data
  • Subtle traps are increasingly difficult to characterise
  • Seismic data are often the only regional dataset available
  • Signal needed for interpretation is obscured by noise and bandwidth limitations
  • Seismic data are usually processed for best image and need care to prepare for amplitude analysis

RokDoc SDC and Inversion Advantages


Workflow driven data conditioning and inversion

  • Accessible tools to easily and appropriately isolate and interpret seismic signal
  • Comprehensive QC to identify issues early in the workflow
  • Ensure that data are optimised for quantitative interpretation


Efficient workflows and algorithms

  • Reduce time to generate predictive 3D subsurface models
  • On-the-fly processing and automated QC for quick optimisation of parameters
  • Minimisation of disk space, processor cycles and human effort


Consistent interpretation workflows

  • Rapid testing of multiple processing flows and model inputs to maximise value of modern and legacy datasets
  • Fit for purpose QI solutions for exploration to development in a single platform
  • Investment decisions based on interpretation results made with greater confidence

RokDoc SDC and Inversion Workflow

Gathers, stacks, velocities and horizons
Seismic Data Conditioning
Attenuate noise, balance and flatten gathers
Relative and absolute inversion tools for pre- and post-stack seismic data
QC Tools
Results at the well with correlation statistics, map attributes and results on-the-fly
Reservoir Characterisation
Measured improvement of data, more accurate predictions and better understood uncertainties. Seamless access to RPM and classification libraries

RokDoc SDC and Inversion Module

SDC and Inversion
Generate high quality relative and absolute impedance properties from pre- and post-stack seismic data with fit-for-purpose inversion tools. Condition seismic inputs with interactive workflow tools. Preview and QC all SDC and inversion processes along section and map views without the need to write to disk. Key features include; pre-stack trace conditioning (spectral balancing, time alignment, scaling, etc), coloured inversion, pre- and post-stack simultaneous model-based inversion, multi-realisation analysis and ranking.