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RokDoc SDC - Seismic Data Conditioning modules to assess the feasibility of your data and improve it if needed. Ensure your data is the best it can be.

RokDoc SDC

The RokDoc SDC (Seismic Data Conditioning) module brings together a number of functions to optimise post- or partial-stacks prior to inversion. 

This lets users build a customised workflow, producing gathers after each step in the workflow. Users can also measure each gather’s attributes, rapidly generate maps and view gathers at well positions, which makes QC-ing easy and accurate. 

Gathers can be realised as SEG-Y files at any stage or used in inversion modules as recipes to keep the workflow moving along quickly.

Some of the conditioning functions in the workflow include:

  • Trace alignment/gather flattening
  • Time shift estimation
  • Spectral balancing 
  • Phase correction
  • AVO Scaling
  • AVO products

RokDoc SDC

RokDoc Advanced SDC

The Advanced SDC module is designed to address the need for high-end conditioning for 3D and 4D datasets. The on-the-fly nature of the tools in RokDoc 3D allows the user perform rapid parameter QC and refinement. 

  • Multi-trace 3D4D time alignment (Using network constrained least squares method)
  • Seismic dip estimation
  • Structure oriented filtering 
  • Frequency slice filtering for low frequency stabilisation
  • AVO Gradient stabilisation

RokDoc Advanced SDC: The de-noising process provides improved continuity of reflectors, facilitating the interpretation process, particularly where automated picking tools are to be used.

At Ikon Science we believe that no matter what data you have, there are always options.

To get the most reliable results from AVO the seismic data should be processed optimally. Even then there is often room for significant improvement through seismic data conditioning. Care must be taken to adjust the process as dictated by the data and the results quality controlled at each step.

Ikon Science employs thorough workflows with significant quality control to ensure that optimal results are generated.

A typical advanced SDC workflow


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