Ikon’s global Reservoir team is always available to help you address any complex subsurface challenge. Our experienced team of geophysicists, geoscientists and petrophysicists provide the right mix of technology, knowledge and expertise to meet your needs.

We provide tailored, turnkey services to address specific business problems, and we have provided license round support to many operators, developing new concepts, identifying new leads and prospects and developing some of the most highly scored, competitive acreage applications. From sourcing datasets, to loading, interpretation and prospect evaluation, Ikon can be the extension of your subsurface team.

Petrophysics and Rock Physics

Ikon Science’s team of reservoir petrophysics and rock physics experts deliver quality, robust and consistent petrophysical and rock physics deliverables to customers around the world – across all main hydrocarbon producing basins and plays. As one of the few independent software and service providers, our team delivers expert independent evaluations of your data with uncertainty and risks, enabling you to make the most cost effective, high impact decisions and investments at the right time. Following our rigorous internal best practices, our multi-disciplinary teams help you maximize the value of your data – accelerating and improving business critical decisions.

Quantitative Interpretation

Quantitative interpretation (QI) delivers calibrated estimates of rock properties, environmental conditions and other parameters crucial in the assessment of subsurface opportunities and for the safe planning and efficient operation of drilling and field development plans. Ikon provides QI to address all quantitative subsurface predictions of rocks (types), fluids, pore pressure and stress state.

Ikon’s subsurface specialists will work through your data to maximize their value and build concepts that can be taken through to firm leads, prospects, well plans and drill schedules. From frontier exploration to decommissioning, our reservoir experts can provide valuable inputs to your challenges. We understand that decisions must be made in short time frames with a full understanding of risks and uncertainties. We help you determine where to focus and ensure you can deliver on time and within budget.

Lithology and Fluid Inversion

Lithology (top) and fluid (bottom) inversion allow the interpreter to pick the top of the reservoir section with confidence and identify subtle, hydrocarbon-filled reservoirs that could be overlooked. Where seismic interpretation is required, Ikon delivers fast track, calibrated lithology and fluid inversion data and ensures your team understands how to make the most of our solutions. This reduces interpretation cycle time while improving accuracy in targeting the highest potential areas.

In unconventional settings, lithology inversion is a powerful tool for well planning and geo-steering. Upon interpretation, additional workflows can be applied to transform the results into quantitative estimates of rock types and properties using Ikon’s seismic characterization technology – Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion (Ji-Fi). This unique technology reduces bias in the subsurface characterization process and provides robust output properties that feed seamlessly into our 3D and 4D pore pressure and geomechanics workflows.

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