June 12, 2018

Ikon Science launches its latest RokDoc software and previews new A.I application

Geoprediction software company Ikon Science launches the latest version of its popular RokDoc product this week and will be demonstrating it at the 80th EAGE conference in Copenhagen. Incorporating rock physics inputs from global experts and delivering a range of new usability and workflow improvements, RokDoc is exceptional in speed and breadth. Ikon is also previewing two new pieces of technology: a 4D reservoir modelling package and the Theseus knowledge management system, which opens the door to large-scale machine learning and artificial intelligence data applications.

RokDoc is now richer, faster, more stable and more flexible

The RokDoc 6.5.3 software release reflects the Ikon Science development team’s ongoing collaboration with world-renowned rock physics authority, Professor Lev Vernik, and geoscience software expert, Dr Phil Wild. Including an additional nine conventional rock physics models and seventeen unconventional models, RokDoc can now be used in any offshore, onshore, conventional or unconventional play. It also offers new tools for log QC, conditioning, modelling and seismic reservoir characterisation of conventional reservoirs.

Along with these new models, further workflow refinements have been applied to Ikon Science’s application of the Xu-Payne multi-porosity modelling system. Users can now apply the Xu-Payne workflow robustly in exploration settings. Where there are significant compaction trends in mineral properties and pore aspect ratios, they can be captured and included in the estimation of reservoir and non-reservoir elastic properties.

In RokDoc’s Reservoir Characterization module, RokDoc-3D has also seen significant performance and stability enhancement, with run times and map and section calculation times significantly reduced.

Enhanced pore pressure modelling

RokDoc’s pore pressure module has also been improved with thirteen new pore pressure prediction algorithms incorporated. Pore pressure generalists and experts alike can choose from a wide range of approaches for pore pressure estimation to use in the development of pore pressure profiles for well planning and wellbore stability assessment. By scenario testing multiple models and their input sensitivities, pore pressure analysts can draw more from their data, delivering a more accurate view of subsurface uncertainty and allowing easier risk mitigation planning.

Denis Saussus CTO of Ikon Science commented: “The RokDoc Pressure Suite is now the industry’s richest software environment for the visualization and assessment of direct and indirect pressure data. It delivers a cross-disciplinary working environment for the effective communication of geologically driven pore pressure models and their impact on exploration through to development well planning.”

Improved machine learning capabilities

Looking to data innovation, Ikon Science is continuing to develop and enhance the RokDoc External Interface. This is fast becoming a tool of choice for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications across the geoscience and engineering domains critical to subsurface operations.  Through the External Interface add-on, users can access the rich RokDoc database alongside other external data sources and use the RokDoc viewers and QC tools to assess and parameterize their various ML workflows.

New 4D tool set to boost field performance management

This week also sees a preview of Ikon Science’s new RokDoc 4D technology, scheduled for commercial release in the Fall. RokDoc 4D is the result of many years of work to integrate Ikon’s legacy ChronoSeis 4D reservoir monitoring tools into the RokDoc platform.  This new tool provides a highly flexible and integrated modelling environment where static geological models, dynamic reservoir simulation data, wells, seismic and production data can be brought together to model, interrogate, analyze and integrate multi-vintage subsurface data.

RokDoc 4D offers a comprehensive approach to extract maximum value from data and optimize field performance management over its lifetime.

Supermajor collaboration will create new A.I. capabilities

Also previewing ahead of its September launch, the Theseus knowledge management system represents the culmination of a multi-year industry collaboration. Focused on developing software that will allow a step-change in data integration, the project was driven and developed by extensive collaboration with some of the world’s leading super majors. Theseus captures, aggregates and manages company knowledge and information and provides a framework for large-scale ML and A.I. applications.

Demonstrations and presentations at EAGE

Ikon Science is exhibiting at the EAGE conference in Copenhagen this week and will be giving presentations and demonstrations of both RokDoc 6.5.3’s new capabilities and the RokDoc 4D and Theseus knowledge management systems to come. Professor Lev Vernik will be available at the Ikon Science booth throughout the week, along with members of Ikon Science’s research, development and services team

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